About us


Passionate about mechanics and the evolution of engineering, we are making a reality of this exciting project to improve classic cars by combining modern techniques without compromising the original character, style and sensations.

We take particular care in the selection of cars, especially in engine. We choose cars of excellence that have marked their era and often the cinema.

All our vehicles are imported, in particular from the United States, fully checked (mechanics, bodywork, interior), registered in France and visible in France.


We master the techniques of additive 3D printing – Design office, 3D scanning, industrial 3D printing.

Our 3D printer AON-M2 2020, from the Canadian manufacturer AON3D, offers us the possibility to re-create original parts that cannot be found.

High-performance materials such as PEEK, PEKK or ULTEM guarantee superior properties to original materials in terms of strength and lightness.

We use a dry ice blaster – Cryoblaster ATX Nano – to provide you with unparalleled vehicle cleanliness. This technique is environmentally friendly as it requires no solvents or chemicals.